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Consumer Services

We offer many services to clients who have purchased a computer from us. All of our computers ship with a one year warranty. To receive technical support through the warranty, we offer a simple form to submit a ticket on this page, or over the phone with Tech Support. We also provide several resources, free of charge, that can help getting started with a computer. Although we don't provide training with the software we ship, these resources can help, along with several organizations that we partner with that do provide free training.

We also have a library of descriptive movies that can be loaned through our Movie Program.

Warranty Details

Each computer we ship has the benefit of a one year warranty. The warranty has the following coverages:

  • Missing during shipment or dead on arrival
  • 1 year coverage of hard drive and operating system
  • 2 year coverage of peripherals (fee may apply)
  • 2 year support of included software

For more details, see the full warranty document

CFTB Warranty

To request support, contact our Tech Support team. You may call us at 214-340-6328, or submit a ticket online. We will determine the best way to get you back up and running.

When you submit a ticket online you will receive a call back from our Support team.

Resources for Clients

Although we don't provide training for the accessibility software, we provide several resources that help you get started with the computer. These resources include getting started guides for several functions of a computer and Windows 10. We also provide links to other resources that are helpful in learning how to navigate the screen reader and magnifier included with the system. These resources are provided as-is and may be changed or removed at any time. Please let us know if you have additional resources that we could include on our website.

CFTB Movie Program

We have a library of 200+ movies that have descriptive audio, which detail the visual aspects of a movie while it is playing. This audio narration describes the scene, action, and activities between gaps in the dialog. The intent of the description is to provide context for the movie's visual content. This allows visually impaired persons to have a better experience enjoying popular movies. Our program has a lifetime fee of $25, which includes unlimited "rentals". More details follow:

  • When you start the program, you will create a "playlist" of movies that you would like to see. We will send you the first movie on your playlist. There is no time limit, but remember that others also are waiting to watch the movies.
  • When you are finished with a movie, send it back and we will send your next one. This will continue as long as you like.
  • If the movie arrives damages, or becomes damaged while you are enjoying it, contact us and we will determine a solution.
  • Let us know if you ever need to pause the service, and also when you are ready to resume it.
  • Failure to send a movie back will pause your playlist, and could result in forfeit of your subscription.

To start, call our Customer Service team, or send a $25 check to the following address with your contact information.

Computers for the Blind
3101 High Plateau
Garland, TX 75044