Getting in Touch

We would like to hear from you, and help you in any way that you need. We have many different contacts for the different services that we provide, so please look below for the situation that fits you. If you are unsure of who to contact, we have a general email address that you can contact and be directed to the proper channel. That email address is

Our general contact information is listed here:

Computers for the Blind
1201 S Sherman St, Suite 206
Richardson, Texas 75081
Customer Service (main contact for most questions): 214-340-6328
Phone (contact only for volunteering or bringing donations): 469-778-0313
Fax: 214-452-0565

Specialized Contact Information for our Clients

To best assist you, please contact us using the proper method for your situation. This helps us know what is needed for you and prepare better to serve you. Please look below for the contact information specific to your needs:

Request a Computer

If you are looking to inquire about receiving a computer, please start with our Application Guide before you contact us. If you have read through our guides and understand the information, head to our Application Page to start your application.

Find Information About Your Order

If your order has been processed, it takes 3-4 weeks for a computer to be shipped. If you would like more information about your order, contact our Customer Service Team at 214-340-6328 or email us at

Get Support for Your Computers

If you need help with a computer that you received from us, contact our Customer Service at 214-340-6328, email us at, or head to our Support Page.

Checks, Money Orders, and Required Documents

Your necessary documents can be sent to our Center or faxed to our office. Our address again:

Computers for the Blind
1201 S Sherman St, Suite 206
Richardson, Texas 75081
Fax: 214-452-0565

Specialized Contact Information for our Donors

If you are thinking of donating for Computers for the Blind, please look below for how to contact us specifically for what you are interested in doing:

Donate your Time

If you would like to volunteer at our Refurbishing Center, visit our Volunteering Page to find out more information, call us at 469-778-0313, or email us at with your information. We love having new volunteers!

Donate your Money

If you are looking to make a monetary donation to our Organization, thank you! Please visit our Contributions Page.

Donate your Computers

If you have equipment that you would like to donate, we can use it! Please visit our Equipment Donations Page to find our requirements and what we accept, and to also find drop off locations. Corporate donors can schedule a pickup from that page as well. If you would like to call us, the numbers are listed below:

Individual Donations call our Refurbishing Center: 469-778-0313
Corporate Donations call David Jeppson: 214-293-8819

Forming Partnerships

If you are another organization that would like to inquire about partnering with us in any way, please contact our Executive Director:

David Jeppson
Phone: 214-293-8819

Let us Know Your Experience

If you would like to send feedback or share about your successes using a computer, please send us an email at We would love to share your stories with others. Please include in the email your permission for us to publish the feedback.

Website Feedback

Finally, if you would like to send any feedback about your experience browsing our website, please do so! We love improving and making things easier for you. Please click this link to notify us of any problems, misinformation, or compliments about the site. We will use these comments to continue to improve the experience for others!