CFTB Movie Program

Another program that we offer is the ablity to borrow descriptive movies. These movies are designed to help blind persons enjoy the many movies that are widely available.

Descriptive movies are standard movies that have an audio narration inserted on the sound track. The audio narration describes the scene, action, and activities between gaps in the dialog. The intent of the description is to provide context for the movie's visual content.

How the program works

We offer over 200+ DVDs for your home entertainment. When you sign up, you will create a "playlist" of movies that you want to see. We will send the first to you to enjoy. When you are finished, return it and we will send the next one. We will continue this until your playlist has been completed, and you can set up more movies to watch. To obtain more information about the program, please contact us with the links below.

To subscribe, you can send a check to Computers for the Blind or pay by Credit or Debit card, in the amount of $25. This is the only fee for the program. Upon receipt of payment, we will begin to send movies from your playlist.

Some friendly rules

We have a couple guidelines to make this program enjoyable for all. Please note these when deciding to join the program:

  • Please return the video within a week or two so others can enjoy the film.
  • If the movie arrives damaged, please contact us quickly so we can determine a solution.
  • If the movie becomes damaged in your possession, please do not try to repair it. Contact us for a solution.
  • Let us know promptly any need to cancel or pause your playlist.
  • Failure to send a movie back will prevent others being sent, and forfeit of subscription.

Get started, or get Support

To begin the program, please contact us through the following links. You may also contact us if you have any questions or need any help with your current subscription.

Call Us:
Monday through Friday - 9AM to 1PM CST

Or email us at

Send checks to:
Computers for the Blind
3101 High Plateau
Garland, TX 75044