What We Do With the Computers

When we receive computers, monitors and peripherals, we work with them in our Refurbishing Center to get them ready for our clients. First the parts are checked out and we determine if they are working and able to run the accessibility software. Our group of volunteers starts the process of refurbishing the computers. The hard drives are wiped and set up with operating systems. The computers are cleaned and rebuilt, then set up with the accessibility software and other programs. Once they have passed checks for functionality, they are shipped all over the country. We take pride in our work and offer warranty services on all machines sent out. Any laptops that we cannot use for our blind clients are donated to local churches who send them all over the world to help schools and communities.

If you are interested in being a part of this process, consider becoming a volunteer at our Center.

Reaching out to those in need

We need help in reaching persons who are visually impaired that could use a computer. We want to share the news about our efforts to refurbish computers, the specialized software we can put on them, and our related training materials. If you know those who are visually impaired, or family members of them, have them contact us! They should start by learning what they need to do first. As part of the process, a customer service representative will talk with them and discuss all the options available. They can also talk about the features, learning process and commitments assiciated with owning a computer.