What we provide with our Computers

We ship a minimum configuration with every computer. Extras or upgrades can be added for a small fee. Because all the computers we ship are donated, there are some things that we want you to know about them:

  • The condition of each computer varies widely. The computers may look new or used, and have scratches or scuffs on the case or screen.
  • Laptops will always ship with a battery, but we have no way of determining the battery's life expectancy. In the event you receive a laptop with a dead battery, please understand we are not able to send a replacement. By plugging the power cord (provided) into a power outlet, you will still have a fully functioning laptop.
  • As we refurbish the computers, we may use parts from different companies to fix it. There may even be "generic" parts. We test every computer, so they are guaranteed to work when we ship them.
  • We ship many different computer brands, depending on what is in stock. Requests for a specific brand may delay your delivery significantly.

Minimum Specifications

Every computer is built to minimum specs. We guarantee you will receive at least the features and parts listed below. Upgrades or additional parts can be added if desired. Please review this list to make sure you are getting the things you need in the computer.

  • Dual Core Processor @ 2GHz or higher
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit

Specific to Desktops:

  • Blind Individuals: 15" Monitor
  • Low Vision Individuals: 17" Monitor
  • DVD-ROM Drive (reads DVDs and CDs)
  • Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers
  • Ethernet Interface

Specific to Laptops:

  • Low Vision Individuals: 14" Screen
  • Integrated Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers (External solutions if needed)
  • Working WIFI adapter

Upgrades and Add-Ons

Following is a list of the available upgrades and add-ons that we can provide. When applying for a computer, be sure to indicate the upgrades that you might be interested in, and our Customer Service staff will discuss your options, as well as prices.

  • Additional RAM (2GB, 4GB)
  • Bigger Hard Drives
  • Bigger Screen Sizes
  • WIFI Adapter for Desktops
  • Webcam for Desktops
  • External Speakers for Laptops

Accessibility Software

With every computer we ship we also provide software that improves the experience for visually impaired persons. Starting March 2018, the software we provide will change to reflect our new partnership with VFO, whose brands include Freedom Scientific and AI Squared. We are excited to be able to provide their industry leading software JAWS Screen Reader as well as ZoomText Magnifier. We will provide the Home Use version of these programs, which allows the user to purchase the discounted Home Use SMA to continue to upgrade the software. The full details of this program are outlined below:

  • Our computers arrive with a one (1) year license for Fusion, licensed to Computers for the Blind
  • This allows the user to use the full features of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion (combination of them both) during that first year
  • After the first year, the license expires. The user is eligible to purchase the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) from VFO at their reduced Home Use Pricing
  • The SMA covers only one product (Fusion, JAWS, or ZoomText) and includes two version upgrades of that product
  • After the original SMA has expired, the user may continue to purchase the SMA and receive two version upgrades each time
  • If the user does not purchase the SMA after the first year, the software becomes unlicensed and will run in the 40-minute Demo mode
  • However, if the user purchased the SMA at least once, but does not wish to continue (not recommended), the last version upgrade covered by the SMA will be fully activated and usable by the user for as long as they wish
  • If the user ever chooses to not participate in the SMA program, they cannot start the program later at the Home Use pricing, they must pay the full current price of the software
  • Agencies are not eligible for the Home Use License

Other Installed Software

We also provide other preinstalled software for our clients to use to get them started.

Ready for Application

After reading this page, along with the prior page, you are ready to begin your application. Again, make sure you understand all that we provide to you, and what we don't. On the next page, you will be able to start your application to receive a computer. Head to the following link to get started: Click here to begin application